How Can Foodservice Departments Operate with FEWER Employees 
without Creating MORE Stress?

With hospitals facing budget cuts, smaller-staffed departments and mounting paperwork, now more than ever, they are in need of assistance to make daily workflow more streamlined and cost effective!

Computrition Is Here to Help!

To help foodservice departments alleviate stress and streamline smaller-numbered staff responsibilities, we developed a powerful web-based solution that leverages the flexibility of tablets and mobile devices to improve one of the most inefficient manual process foodservice employees deal with - requisition tracking and floor stock management.

By using Inventory Connect, our latest add-on module, staff members can:

  • Easily input items needed for each cost center and determine exact amounts
  • Send precise item lists to stock floor staff to review and gather items- allowing one trip from inventory to each cost center
  • Track costs at each location
  • Promote accountability through delivery signatures and reduce staff consuming items meant for patients
  • Deliver requested items faster to patients

Why Track?

Accurately bill cost centers

Stock cost centers with the right amount of items

Prevent patients from waiting longer than necessary for requested items

With the powerful automation of Inventory Connect

rest assured you’ll be able to…

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Health systems, hospitals and post-acute care (PAC) providers spend nearly $39 billion a year solely on the administrative activities. 

American Hospital Association

Labor makes up about 60 percent of hospital noncapital costs and is the largest driver of operating expenses. 


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Automation to the rescue...

Food and supplies represent a significant amount of operational revenue for foodservice departments, and inventory that isn’t properly tracked can have major implications. Things like incorrect cost center billing (missed revenue!), stocking too many or too few items (patients don’t receive requested items or food spoils in cost centers), a lack of accountability if items are not delivered (or are consumed by staff!) and patients waiting longer than desired for items (potentially resulting in a negative experience).

Nurses lose three hours of patient care every 12-hour shift to non-direct care tasks, such as redundant paperwork…


With the mobility of tablets and smartphone devices, having technology on-hand, behind the scenes, allows staff to continue working efficiently without sacrificing time to manually write information down or take multiple trips to costs centers and stock floors. Additionally, by transitioning to a paperless method, facilities save money by not incurring extra expenses and save employees’ time by not transferring data from paper to PC.

Reduce Costs Stress!

Why Use Mobile Technology?

Start Saving Today!

So if you’re ready to relieve some of the stress on your department, simplify an inefficient manual process and reduce costs, contact us at to learn more about Inventory Connect!

There's More...

Want an additional resource for your inventory needs? Read this eBook to gain some tips and see the game-changing benefits of incorporating automation into your foodservice department!


As countries spend a larger percentage of their healthcare dollars on administration (as opposed to public health, or providing patient care, for example), things get worse for patients and healthcare providers 

Medical Economics

With operating margins being squeezed… refining labor and productivity targets have become a higher priority.

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